Personal Injury Law in Georgia

Personal injury law in Georgia is a broad area of legal practice that is designed to protect the rights of an individual who was injured as the result of another person’s negligence (fault).

Personal Injury lawyers are often called upon when an insurance company is reluctant to pay a fair settlement amount to a victim of an accident.

The legal definition of a personal injury is an injury to your body, mind or emotions. Slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice claims, birth defects, etc. are all examples of personal injuries.

Many injury victims need help finding out who may be liable for their injuries and how to go about recovering money to cover medical expenses and lost income.

If you have been involved and would like to know if you have a personal injury claim, contact Douglas Georgia attorneys at Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner, LLC today to learn more about your Personal Injury case !

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